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Bearing flowers, especially in abundance.

[From Latin flōrifer, bearing flowers : flōs, flōr-, flower; see flower + -fer, -fer.]

flo·rif′er·ous·ness n.


bearing or capable of bearing many flowers


(flɔˈrɪf ər əs, floʊ-)

[1650–60; < Latin flōrifer + -ous]
flo•rif′er•ous•ly, adv.
flo•rif′er•ous•ness, n.
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In the car, sprawling upon a sort of bed-bench, in an attitude of elaborate self-abandonment, was a large, blond lady, wearing a fur coat and a big floriferous hat.
The lady was sitting up with her floriferous hat in her lap, shockingly neglected.
While nobody can deny their omnipresence, they are popular for good reason - they are easy to grow, floriferous and dependable.
When sitcom character Hyacinth Bucket wasn't tending to her hyacinths, it was the begonias she was encouraging, wishing to adorn her home with a greater floriferous display than her neighbour's.
For most of us, floriferous displays retreat to compact situations, allowing us to control spot colour and offer pleasant welcomes by, for instance, wonderful groupings around the front door.
I have some spare seeds of lablab, which is a very floriferous annual climber, so if you would like a few then send me a stamped addressed envelope -- 3 Andreas Miaoulis 7647 Mosfiloti.
But for roses to remain healthy and floriferous don't neglect pruning, starting on the day they are planted, no matter the size, every shoot cut back to within two buds of the base.
Viola Teardrops - very floriferous, these violas fill more space than standard violas and produce beautiful cascading hanging baskets.
These award-winning varieties are incredibly floriferous, producing masses of double blooms on well-branched, bushy plants.