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1. Material used to make flounces.
2. A flounce or an arrangement of flounces, as on a curtain.


(Clothing & Fashion) material, such as lace or embroidered fabric, used for making flounces


(ˈflaʊn sɪŋ)

1. material used in making flounces.
2. trimming consisting of a flounce.
References in classic literature ?
He stole a sidelong glance at her - she was the personification of daintiness from the black patent shoes showing beneath the flouncing of her skirt, to the white hat with its clusters of roses.
said Miggs, wrapping herself in a shawl, and drawing a couple of chairs near the window, flouncing down upon one, and putting her feet upon the other, 'till you come home, my lad.
And I think the Parliamentary Labour Party behaved badly, disgracefully, with senior MPs flouncing off to the backbenches in a huff, but from what I understand, his office also behaved badly.
WILL Young trying to recreate his famous Pop Idol moment by taking issue with Len Goodman's criticism and then flouncing off the show in a huff.
Use her heat to state your case but don't go packing and flouncing off unless you really mean it.
TOES were tapping and frills were flouncing as the Dublin Flamenco Festival kicked off yesterday.
After allegedly flouncing off stage, Cher had to be comforted by staff.
Before the televised leaders' debates, hardly anyone in the country knew who this man was; now he is flouncing around the country playing up for the TV cameras like some sort of X-Factor winner.
Flouncing can make amends for a surprise Folkestone reverse in the ladbrokes.
Not only is she still working behind the bar, she's also far less prone to flouncing out mid-shift to sort out her love life or going on unscheduled holidays than her younger, noisier colleagues.
Name That Tune, launched in the 1970s, was bad enough when it was fronted by socalled Scouse comic Tom O'Connor and flouncing dancer Lionel Blair.
The Marauders will be flouncing up and down in a selection of day and evening wear for your delectation and There'll also be raffles for fabulous prizes with proceeds going to the boys' kit fund.