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Noun1.flour beetle - an insect that infests flour and stored grainsflour beetle - an insect that infests flour and stored grains
darkling beetle, darkling groung beetle, tenebrionid - sluggish hard-bodied black terrestrial weevil whose larvae feed on e.g. decaying plant material or grain
genus Tribolium, Tribolium - flour beetles
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Susceptibility of last instar red flour beetle and confused flour beetles (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) to hydroprene.
Adult flour beetles were held at one temperature (22 [degrees]C) in the presence of B.
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Better control of red flour beetles and other costly, stored-product insect pests could be on hand, thanks to a new pitfall trap designed by Agricultural Research Service scientists.
Toxicity of diatomaceous earth to red flour beetles and confused flour beetles (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae): effects of temperature and relative humidity.
Male flour beetles with large jaws have the most mating success and win the most fights, so are seen as 'high quality'.
Logistical constraints often lead teachers to select animal behavior experiments that involve invertebrates such as pill bugs, flour beetles, crickets, and the like.
Like similar species of flour beetles living in and eating the same flour, two species that share a niche ought to compete until one wipes out the other.
Cryonite as it is known in the industry, is a pest control method used mainly in the food industry to kill stored product insects such as moths, flour beetles and warehouse moths.
Now, how did we get from Dolly to flour beetles, and how we can possibly use flour beetles as a resource for theological reflection?
Researchers recently evaluated a volatile formulation of the IGR hydroprene to control two species of flour beetles.