flour bin

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Flour bin

A metal flour container built into some kitchen cabinets that was capable of holding about fifty pounds of flour. At the bottom of the bin was a Flour sifter through which the flour was withdrawn.
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Noun1.Flour bin - a bin for holding flourflour bin - a bin for holding flour    
bin - a container; usually has a lid
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A search of his home address later uncovered PS29,000 in cash hidden in a flour bin.
The flour bin next to it is full of chocolate samples from other people.
In addition to the rat droppings, mouse droppings were found in the food store area and there were ants found running over the shelves and squashed in the sugar and flour bin.
Use the "scoop and sweep" method: Reach into the flour bin with your cup and scoop up a full measure all at once, then sweep it level with a knife.
Droppings were found in the area where flour bins were stored and one was found to be on top of a flour bin.
The farm came with a flour bin full of flour (60 to 70 pounds) and five or six varieties of fruit trees.
The pizza fridge, vegetable fridge, flour bin and microwave were all laced with dirt.