flow away

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Verb1.flow away - flow off or away gradually; "The water flowed off from the pipe"
empty, discharge - become empty or void of its content; "The room emptied"
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that it might be better to flow away monotonously, like the river, and to compound for its insensibility to happiness with its insensibility to pain.
His voice, blank and forced as though he were talking through hard-set teeth, seemed to flow away on all sides into the darkness, deepening again upon the sea.
All five transactions incorporated a premium proceeds structure at closing, turboing excess spread to build credit enhancement, and the reprioritization of cash flow away from subordinated interest to senior principal in the event of high losses.
ANOTHER alternative technique is biofeedback, which involves directing the blood flow away from your head to your hand which stops the ache.
In the fetus, the artery that runs from the heart to the lungs is connected to the artery that carries blood from the heart to the body, siphoning most blood flow away from the lungs.
Larger firms over the next two years will direct 12% of their order flow away from FIX and 4% away from the phone.
Byrd may be feeling a bit salty today, as the first tax relief checks begin to flow away from him and back to taxpayers," Schatz added.
Make sure your home's roof, grade-level, and underground drainage systems are designed to redirect water flow away from the perimeter foundation.
Placement of the shunt creates a new fluid pathway for CSF to flow away from the area around the brain and into the abdomen, draining the toxic substances thought to play a critical role in Alzheimer's dementia.
Reinforcing our negative credit outlook for the next year, Fitch expects telecoms to shift their utilization of free cash flow away from balance sheet management and towards dividends and share repurchases.
Make sure your home's roof, grade-level and underground drainage systems are designed to redirect water flow away from the perimeter foundation.
5 mile tunnel and dam which will redirect the river's flow away from the Cuajone mining area.