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Verb1.flow off - flow off or away gradually; "The water flowed off from the pipe"
empty, discharge - become empty or void of its content; "The room emptied"
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If the shelf loses much more area, it could result in glaciers which flow off the land behind speeding up their path to the ocean, which could have an eventual impact on sea levels - though at a very modest rate, the scientists said.
However, Barnsley could not match the containment of the Huddersfield spinners and runs continued to flow off the offspin of Holling and the leg-spin of Grindle.
If the shelf continues to break up after the iceberg detaches, the glaciers that flow off the land behind it could speed up its passage towards the ocean, which could have an effect on sea levels, (http://www.
What follows is the most sensitive sequence of events that can be seen to flow off a brush for pictures or a pen for words.
He added that the talks with the British Foreign Secretary dealt with a host of international issues of common concern, including the flow off immigrants into Europe, the future of the EU after the Brexit and Italy's holding of the rotating presidency of the G-7 next year.
Rain should flow off the roof, into the guttering and down the downpipes into the drain.
As well as creating a cleaner, greener space that people can enjoy, the new woodland is aimed at tackling the risk of flooding by restricting how much water is able to flow off the site, while creating habitats that will support a greater variety of wildlife and help boost biodiversity.
The numerous brackish tributaries that flow off the main river, flow through the marshes and empty into this part of the bay.
But with the pond based at the highest point of land, and a requirement to limit the flow off site during storms, they faced a water storage and control problems.
Van Sebille and colleagues used ocean simulations run on a supercomputer to estimate how millions of plastic bits would flow off land and move within and between the world's oceans over a period of about a year.
Asked whether she is preparing any insults for Simon, she says: "They're natural, they just come out naturally because he's so rude sometimes, they just flow off my tongue.
The exhibit lets participants control the flow off resources and energy in their "own world" wherein their choices will define their world and result in infographics that supposedly depicts what their world will look like in 2050.