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flow chart

also flow·chart (flō′chärt′)
A schematic representation of a sequence of operations, as in a manufacturing process or computer program. Also called flow diagram, flow sheet.


(ˈfləʊˌtʃɑːt) or

flow sheet

(General Engineering) a diagrammatic representation of the sequence of operations or equipment in an industrial process, computer program, etc
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Noun1.flowchart - a diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program or an accounting systemflowchart - a diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program or an accounting system
multidimensional language - a programming language whose expressions are assembled in more than one dimension
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The three-day instructor-led course will provide in-depth training on developing applications using the latest iteration of Matrox Design Assistant, the first hardware-independent integrated development environment (IDE) that lets users easily create an application flowchart and HMI and take projects from concept to completion in record time, without the need for conventional programming.
A flowchart uses words and pictures to show a step-by-step process that has more than one possible outcome.
Use this flowchart to see the different steps in the process.
If the answer is not a simple yes or no, Butler provides a flowchart to guide decision making.
This Note proposes the creation of flowchart verdict sheets as a prophylactic against juror confusion.
Members of a National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) panel have tried to boil basic Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) program eligibility questions into a flowchart.
It was hypothesised that the number of medication documentation errors using a pre-printed ICU flowchart would be significantly reduced but that medication documentation errors were still occurring using the new ICU flowchart.
Just as a picture is worth 1,000 words, a flowchart can often convey much more about a process than a written document.
THE FLOWCHART IS A VISUAL REPRESENTAtion of a document flow, process, or logical pattern of thought.
PIA designed a step-by-step flowchart and an interactive online guide to help all of us picture what we need to do on Jan.
These sections comprise of a diagnostic summary, general considerations, diagnosis, a flowchart, therapeutic considerations and therapeutic approaches.
The guide is heavily illustrated and includes plenty of exercise and opportunities for practice, with topics including the process of mapping a process, creating a stakeholder map, creating a value-chain map or high-level process model, creating a basic flowchart, creating a cross-functional flowchart, and creating a bottleneck chart or flowchart with load statistics.