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Noun1.flower garden - a garden featuring flowering plantsflower garden - a garden featuring flowering plants
garden - a plot of ground where plants are cultivated
parterre - an ornamental flower garden; beds and paths are arranged to form a pattern
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She went out into the garden as quickly as possible, and the first thing she did was to run round and round the fountain flower garden ten times.
In th' flower gardens out there things will be stirrin' down below in th' dark.
I am not fond of the idea of my shrubberies being always approachable; and I should recommend Miss Elliot to be on her guard with respect to her flower garden.
You need not be afraid, Miss Elliot, of your own sweet flower gardens being neglected.
Handsome houses stood on both sides of the road and each had a green lawn before it as well as a pretty flower garden.
Musing on the strangeness of life, and on the invariable ultimate triumph of the insignificant and small over the important and vast, illustrated in this instance by the easy substitution in the arbour of slugs for grandfathers, I went slowly round the next bend of the path, and came to the broad walk along the south side of the high wall dividing the flower garden from the kitchen garden, in which sheltered position my father had had his choicest flowers.
I'm going to plant a flower garden, next Spring, and I'll put you in the middle of it, for an ornament.
The old folks schemed and gathered and added the land into the big holdings, and built the great barns and mansions, and planted the house orchards and flower gardens.
Contract awarded for Flower garden flower garden kindergarten school bus lease service bid notification (urgent)
Visitors to QDF will discover Dior's world of fragrances and be "transported" from HIA in Doha to the French Riviera via a "series of multi-sensory experiences", including a perfumed flower garden and live violin music, as travellers explore Dior's flower garden in the Chateau de La Colle Noire.
LITTLE TIKES GO GREEN PLAYHOUSE A playhouse to help teach youngsters about the environment, with ecofriendly features including a solar light, working pump sink, recycling centre, water reservoir and flower garden.
Immediately I thought Grandmother's Flower Garden, and Nana's Bouquet in May/June '13 (No.