flowering crab

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Noun1.flowering crab - derived from the Iowa crab and cultivated for its large double pink blossoms
Iowa crab, Iowa crab apple, Malus ioensis, prairie crab, western crab apple - wild crab apple of western United States with fragrant pink flowers
2.flowering crab - small tree or shrub of southeastern United Statesflowering crab - small tree or shrub of southeastern United States; cultivated as an ornamental for its rose-colored blossoms
crab apple, crabapple, cultivated crab apple - any of numerous varieties of crab apples cultivated for their small acidic (usually bright red) fruit used for preserves or as ornamentals for their blossoms
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These include flowering cherry, flowering crab and mountain ash which will provide spring flowers and autumn berries or fruit.
That is, homeowners have rooted cuttings or have dug from the yard trees or shrubs from flowering crab apples, dogwoods, maples or even oaks.
Try these too: Spirea, flowering cherry and plum, witch hazel, pussy willow, flowering crab apple, winter jasmine and flowering quince.
Last Fall, these ladies donated two flowering crab apple trees and we held a special tree planting ceremony with tree planting expert Chuck Neville in attendance, along with Nathalie Arnold, attache to David Price MP, and members of Little Forks Branch.
There is a partly-walled kitchen garden and an orchard with apple trees, flowering crab apple and cherry trees.
If you want to buy a tree that is both beautiful and productive, choose a flowering crab.
Maple, Ash, Oak, Spruce, Austrian Pine and flowering crab trees are among the more than 400 trees planted around the complex.
Try flowering crab apples, peach, apple, and even a pretty redbud tree.
Alternatively use a flowering crab apple that is a beautiful ornamental tree and flower at the same time as any apple variety.
Other flowering crab apples also display colorful winter fruits, as does winter-berry and the Washington hawthorn, both of which bear abundant red fruits.