flowering dogwood

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flow·er·ing dogwood


flow′ering dog′wood

the North American dogwood, Cornus florida, having tiny green flowers surrounded by large white or pink petallike bracts.
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EPAs exhibit begins with a small headwater stream shaded with beautiful native trees such as magnolia, fringe tree, flowering dogwood, and the sweet fragrance of azaleas.
Christopher Merrill has declared this faith in surrounding his home with beautiful flowering dogwood trees; in Self-Portrait with Dogwood, he plants them also in our hearts.
Wonders include Himalayan crabapple, flowering dogwood from China's Sichuan province, and an impressive collection of magnolias, maples, and roses.
These food resources were flowering dogwood Comus Jlorida, water oak Quercus nigra, white oak Q.
Bigelow Nurseries recently donated a flowering dogwood tree to Boylston as part of a Massachusetts Landscapers Association replanting and beautification program.
He has also planted bushes and trees in the front yard of the Luse House, and the one he is most proud of is a pink flowering dogwood tree planted in memory of his wife, Doris," explains activity director Shirley Harris.
In April 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a gift of 3,000 flowering dogwood trees to Japan to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japan's gift of cherry trees to the United States.
Here's five of the best trees which you shouldn't be without in autumn: | Cornus kousa 'Satomi': This amazing flowering dogwood offers something for every season.
Three of them, flowering dogwood fruits (Cornus florida), water oak acorns (Quercus nigra), and white oak acorns (Q.
The flowering dogwood is both the official tree and flower of Virginia, where Mr.