flowering onion

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Noun1.flowering onion - European onion with white flowersflowering onion - European onion with white flowers  
alliaceous plant - bulbous plants having a characteristic pungent onion odor
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We did not analyze landscape data, because we did not find any significant vegetation in bloom within a mile of the flowering onion fields, except for the occasional alfalfa field that was late in a cutting cycle.
TYPE OF FOOD: High-end pub grub, the Dudley is known for its great steaks and the famous Flowering Onion.
As promised, my other half tucked into the crispy flowering onion - a sight to behold.
Flowering onions -- alliums -- fill this time slot, mostly appearing as pastel pompoms atop slender stalks.
Harvest any flowering onions and use the bulbs immediately, because they won't keep well.