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Contract Awarded for 130sets of safety valve, 15sets of rupture disc, 5sets of positive displacement flowmeter, 4sets of turbine flowmeter, 2sets of vortex flowmeter, 4sets of rotameter, 19sets of electro-magnetic flowmeter, 10sets of mass flowmeter, 17sets of ultrasonic flowmeter, 10sets of target flowmeter, 4sets of orifice plate flowmeter, 8sets of restrict orifice, 12sets of solenoid valve, 9sets of differential pressure indicator.
The UFM website aids customers in choosing a flowmeter specific to their needs.
The Coriolis and ultrasonic markets are the two fastest growing of any flowmeter markets.
Kersi Aspar, a Yokogawa vice president and head of the Global Sales Center at the company's IA Platform Business Headquarters: "Yokogawa has an extensive flowmeter lineup that includes vortex, magnetic, clamp-on ultrasonic, and Coriolis flowmeters.
KROHNE (Peabody, MA) has introduced the OPTISONIC 8300 ultrasonic flowmeter for superheated steam, which delivers 1% measuring accuracy, high repeatability, and a large measuring range with maintenance-free operation.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global ultrasonic flowmeter market to grow at a CAGR of 11.
The guide compares ownership costs with several alternative flowmeter types, and includes a table of key technical data.
The CoolPoint flowmeter has a waterproof enclosure; no moving parts to stick or coat, eliminating potential for clogging; sizing to fit one-inch pipe; brass or 316 stainless steel body with Viton seals and PVDF sensors; flow accuracy of 2 percent of full scale; repeatability of 0.
The Proline Promass P 100 Coriolis flowmeter was specifically designed for the life science industries and for similar, demanding applications.
UK flowmeter specialist Litre Meter has expanded its range of metering options with coriolis flowmeters from US-based manufacturer Tricor.
In particular, for every flowmeter the following tasks should be accomplished: verification of conditions (constraints) for application of the pressure differential method according to the requirements of new standards; calculation of parameters of primary device, pipe straight lengths and flowmeter in general according to the requirements of new standards; calculation of uncertainty of results of fluid flowrate and volume measurement.