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1. Subject to change or variation: variable: fluctuant oil prices.
2. Medicine Capable of being moved or compressed. Used of an abnormal mass such as a tumor or abscess.
3. Moving in waves.

[From Latin flūctuāns, flūctuant-, present participle of flūctuāre, to fluctuate; see fluctuate.]


inclined to vary or fluctuate; unstable


(ˈflʌk tʃu ənt)

1. fluctuating; varying; unstable.
2. moving or seeming to move in waves; undulating.
[1550–60; < Latin]
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When swelling is identified, it is important to consider the nature of the swelling: fluid is fluctuant, synovium boggy and compressible.
With fluctuant gas prices and the rising cost of food, budget oriented car buyers are stretched even thinner.
Tennyson's putative amnesia maybe rather a function of the reader's ear and the poem's fluctuant decibel-meter; thus where critics talk about amnesia and its substrates (neurotic repression, compulsive repetition), I look instead to the line.
On examination, the coelom was moderately distended and palpated fluctuant, and the heart was muffled on auscultation.
46) The clinical presentations of olecranon bursitis can range from a minor painless fluctuant mass to a painful erythematous swelling that limits elbow mobility.
Following the evolution of the political parties during 2004-2012, we can observe that they had a fluctuant direction.
But a more positive view seems also justified, in that to express so fluctuant a reality, an equally fluid language must be produced.
Il faut reconnaitre avec nos deux auteurs que le droit du retour des migrants objets voire victimes de trafic demeure fluctuant et ses contours imprecis.
Dean Kolbas, in Critical Theory and the Literary Canon (2001), striving to salvage canonicity--by means of Theodor Adorno's aesthetic theory--from sociological critiques of literature and the literary canon; (1) Kermode, in Pleasure and Change (2004), examining the fluctuant relation between aesthetic pleasure and aesthetic valuation; Lee Morrissey, in Debating the Canon (2005), compiling a chronologically ordered, single-volume reader of nearly three hundred years'--i.
Without therapeutic intervention, the disease typically progresses to form more fluctuant and more painful, subcutaneous nodules that resemble large furuncles.
Our patient was a 42-year-old woman who presented with a painless fluctuant swelling in the right side of her neck.
In short, pH of AYGG solution had little influence on adsorption in the range of investigation, possibly due to synergistic interaction of electrostatic force, [pi]-[pi] and hydrogen bond, and this phenomenon is favorable for the system with fluctuant pH values for dyes removal.