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Kohlhase stayed on alto for an inspired reading of the piece, which also featured a beautifully burnished fluegelhorn solo from Sabatini.
The pianist has a wider instrumental palette to paint with, the front line comprising Thad Jones on fluegelhorn, Peter Phillips on bass trombone and Jerry Dodgion on alto flute.
Das Flugelhorn: die Geschichte des Flugelhorns, illustriert am Beispiel der Sammlung Streitwieser im Musikinstrumentenmuseum Schloss Kremsegg = The fluegelhorn: the history of the fluegelhorn as illustrated by the Streitwieser collection in the Instrument Museum of Schloss Kremsegg.
Bowie, who also played the fluegelhorn, was known as a flamboyant performer with a sense of humor and an appreciation for the theatrical side of performing, often wearing a baker's hat during performances.