fluffy omelet

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Noun1.fluffy omelet - souffle-like omelet made by beating and adding the whites separately
omelet, omelette - beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set; may be folded around e.g. ham or cheese or jelly
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Waiter Catalin Staicu, who served me a fluffy omelet, espresso and exquisite sour cherry jam on toast one morning, said menu favorites include pork knuckle, Moldovan stew and ''sarmale'' rice and meat wrapped in cabbage or vine leaves.
Cushion your nest egg so it can become a fluffy omelet.
This is the way the King gets sweet in the morning - thick French toast with real cinnamon and maple flavor through and through, fluffy omelet egg, melted American cheese and new thinly sliced ham or a choice of two other meats and you have a sweet, savory and satisfying breakfast made your way," says Denny Marie Post, chief concept officer, Burger King Corporation.
The menu offers a mix of Southern inspired comfort food, including signature Big House breakfasts, crispy hash browns, creamy grits, golden waffles and fluffy omelets, all made to order.