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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The technology of using the flows and pressures of fluids in sensing, control, and information-processing systems with no moving parts.


(Electrical Engineering) (functioning as singular) the study and use of systems in which the flow of fluids in tubes simulates the flow of electricity in conductors. Such systems are used in place of electronics in certain applications, such as the control of apparatus
fluˈidic adj


(fluˈɪd ɪks)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
the technology dealing with the use of a flowing liquid or gas in various devices, esp. controls, to perform functions usu. performed by an electric current in electronic devices.
flu•id′ic, adj.
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DLH has merged with MPE's existing portfolio company, Bowles Fluidics Corporation ("Bowles"), to form dlhBOWLES, a vertically integrated engineered plastics and fluid flow solutions provider.
The new Resource Effective Bioidentifi-cation System, REBS, uses rarnan spectroscopy rather than fluidics and reagents to find potentially harmful bioweapons or diseases.
Sphere Fluidics Limited has developed unique technology for single cell analysis and characterization and provides proprietary products and novel services for this rapidly-growing market.
VIC's portfolio companies represent a diversified range of industries and products: Medical diagnostics (Ascendant Dx, CardioWise); medical devices (SFC Fluidics, OsteoVantage, Vixiar Medical); pharmaceuticals (BiologicsMD); environmental (BlueInGreen); food safety (BioDetection Instruments); manu-facturing and materials (NanoMech, TiFiber); nutrition (Nutraceutical Innovations, Sevo Nutraceuticals); computing (NanoWatt Design); life sciences instrumentation and research tools (Minotaur Technologies); and silk technology (Akeso Biomedical).
For our readers interested in micro fluidics, Dr Ulrike Michelsen and Uwe Kampmeyer have written a very interesting article on micro valves.
Portable systems leverage a patented, micro-capillary technology that eliminates complicated fluidics, reduces waste, and minimizes maintenance--all features essential for use of the instruments in developing areas.
The blogger, whose apparatus is a demonstration of fluidics - a digital technology driven by liquids, has built the machine out of plastic panels, syringes and tubings, Discovery News reported.
IDEX, headquartered in Lake Forest, IL, is a global fluidics leader serving high growth specialized markets.
Advanced fluidics and robust hardware mean easy maintenance for users, backed by the reassurance of Biochrom's dedicated service and support team.
a subsidiary of Halma Holdings, has acquired the Omnifit brand of products from sister Halma company Bio-Chem Fluidics.
Written for students and practitioners of nanofabrication, this volume is split into sections for nanopatterning techniques and typical applications, with the latter half devoted to optics, organic devices, biological devices and fluidics.
Deerac Fluidics provides low-volume liquid handlers for the 50 nL-20 [micro]L range.