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also fluk·ey  (flo͞o′kē)
adj. fluk·i·er, fluk·i·est
1. Resulting from or depending on mere chance.
2. Constantly shifting; uncertain: a fluky wind.

[From fluke.]

fluk′i·ly adv.
fluk′i·ness n.


(ˈfluːkɪ) or


adj, flukier or flukiest
1. done or gained by an accident, esp a lucky one
2. variable; uncertain: fluky weather.
ˈflukiness n


or fluk•ey

(ˈflu ki)

adj. fluk•i•er, fluk•i•est.
1. obtained or happening by chance rather than skill.
2. uncertain, as a wind; changeable.
fluk′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.fluky - subject to accident or chance or change; "a chancy appeal at best"; "getting that job was definitely fluky"; "a fluky wind"; "an iffy proposition"
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
uncertain - not certain to occur; not inevitable; "everything is uncertain about the army"; "the issue is uncertain"




[ˈfluːkɪ] ADJafortunado


adj (inf) windwechselnd; that was a fluky goaldas war ein Zufallstreffer
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Cameron now believes his own propaganda after that fluky election win.
He said they were happy with their race after sailing through a minefield of fluky light air to Sydney Heads.
City took a major stride towards survival with a fluky win over Shamrock Rovers and are worth a small bet to cause a surprise.
We are unbeaten away from home at the moment, albeit down to a poor 0-0 draw at Watford or a fluky 1-0 win at Stoke, but that is a stat we can use to our advantage going into the game.
You knew it was going to come down to a fluky goal and that's kind of what they got,'' Shrewsbury coach Steve Turnblom said.
The light, fluky winds proved exceptionally taxing and put an emphasis on good tactics and navigation skills but Gavignet and team, who led from the early stages of the race from Muscat, managed to retain their lead to the finish.
Every time I try to play something fluky happens to it, somebody falls on it and re-injures it.
Danny Welbeck turned home soon after the restart and, having seen Adam Lallana wrongly denied a fluky first England goal, substitute Andros Townsend lashed home from the edge of the box.
Fleck's win was considered fluky, since he never won another event on the PGA Tour--he did win twice on the senior circuit--but Fleck reminded anyone who cared to listen that he finished third in the famed 1960 U.
Other than a somewhat fluky goal against Shakhtar Donetsk, the PS50m striker has failed to find the net in two months - but Benitez insists he has the quality to shine through.
You can't be fluky to be where we are after 17 games.
However, with the teams locked at 1-1, it was Papiss Cisse's fluky strike which managed to grab all three points for the Magpies.