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 (flo͝or′ĭ-nā′shən, flôr′-)
A chemical reaction that introduces fluorine into a compound.
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The great challenge for us has been to retain existing high standards of oil repellency - whilst eliminating long-chain fluorination.
Sol-gel strategy for self-induced fluorination and dehydration of silica with extended vacuum ultraviolet transmittance and radiation hardness.
Furthermore, we suspect that the fluorination of the surface is not a perfect monolayer, possibly exposing pockets of attachment sites.
Telomerization primarily produces linear PFAS, and electrochemical fluorination (ECF) yields a mixture of both linear and branched isomers (Buck et al.
Potential methods for removing unwanted elements from molten aluminum alloys include selective oxidation, chlorination, fluorination, and intermetallic compound formation.
It describes the insulation of new power energy, polymer properties in wind generator winding and the effect of radiation in nuclear power stations on polymers, silicone rubber insulators in high-speed railway systems that require new dielectric properties different from traditional power systems, polymer insulation exposed to multi-field HVDC (high-voltage, direct current) power systems, the effects of fluorination on surface charge behavior and the effect of boron nitride nanoparticles on the high thermal conductivity of transformer oil, epoxy resin for gas insulated switchgear disc-type insulators, and polymer dielectrics with better thermal behavior and insulation applied in a superconducting environment.
Since the fluorination reaction using 8 required no hazardous reagents, this method triggered extensive investigations of glycosyl fluorides as glycosyl donors.
MWNTs were modified with fluorination treatment to improve their dispersion in the epoxy resin [14].
Thus, the extensive research has been focused on the functionalization of CNTs which can be cited fluorination (Pourrezar et al.
New fluorination process by the microwave irradiated cross-coupling reaction of potassium aryltrifluoroborates and metal fluoride.
In the recent years, scientists have investigated various other methods for offering oil and water resistant properties to wood surfaces like acetylation and silylation treatment (1, 2), fluorination treatment (3), fluorinated silica nanocoating (4), mild pyrolysis in inert atmosphere (5) and covalent grafting of polymer (6).