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 (flo͝o-rŏg′rə-fē, flô-, flō-)


(Medicine) the photographic recording of fluoroscopic images


(ˌfoʊ toʊ flʊˈrɒg rə fi, -flɔ-, -floʊ-)

photography of images produced by a fluoroscopic examination, used in x-ray examination of the lungs of large groups of people.
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Residents of the city will be able to check organs with a pile of cells with the help of fluorography, to undergo a study on microbacteria, who want to be examined by a phthisiatrician.
The fluorography unit, installed in Osh TB dispensary, was released in 1979, the X-ray machine was produced in 1981, radiologist Suyunchubek Kochkorov said.
7) Measures to minimise the radiation to the ovaries include pulsed fluoroscopy (to decrease the radiation dose), avoidance of detailed fluorography and strict coning down to the catheter tip.
Immunoprecipitated proteins were separated by SDS-PAGE (9%) and detected by fluorography.
Reduction of dose by filtration in paediatric fluoroscopy and fluorography.