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 (flo͝o-rŏm′ĭ-tər, flô-, flō-)
An instrument for detecting and measuring fluorescence.

fluo·rom′e·try n.


(ˌflʊəˈrɒmɪtə) or


1. (General Physics) an instrument for inducing fluorescence by irradiation and for examination of the emission spectrum of the resulting fluorescent light
2. (General Physics) a device for detecting and measuring ultraviolet radiation by determining the amount of fluorescence that it produces from a phosphor
fluorometric, fluorimetric adj
ˌfluoˈrometry, ˌfluoˈrimetry n


(flʊˈrɒm ɪ tər, flɔ-, floʊ-)

an instrument for measuring fluorescence, often as a means of determining the nature of the substance emitting the fluorescence.
fluor•o•met•ric (ˌflʊər əˈmɛ trɪk, ˌflɔr ə-, ˌfloʊr ə-) adj.
fluo•rom′e•try, n.


an instrument for measuring the emission of radiation in the form of visible light and identifying the substance that is its source. — fluorometric, adj.
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an instrument for measuring the emission of radiation in the form of visible light and identifying the substance that is its source. — fluorometric, adj.
See also: Radiation
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Pam Mayerfeld, Turner Designs Vice President of Marketing and Sales, comments, "For over 40 years, Turner Designs has provided scientists and government agencies around the world with fluorometers for water quality applications.
Aquatec Group has been manufacturing innovative instruments for measuring, monitoring and communicating in water since 1990, and offer a proven range of subsea leak detection sensors including long range fluorometers, directional acoustic sensor and differential temperature detectors.
Boris Rotman, said that FiBIR technology will propel the development of next-generation fluorometers to be used across the life science industry in applications ranging from live cell imaging, to PCR, ELISA and Next Generation Sequencing.
In addition, Johnsen & Sakshaug (2007) discussed on the parameters used in the calculation of oxygenic photosynthesis based on Pulse Amplitude Modulated (PAM) and Fast Repetition Rate (FRRF) fluorometers in contrast to Suggett et al.
The DeltaTime is a complete add-on solution that converts any of the company's steady-state fluorometers into hybrid lifetime systems.
The commercial availability of reasonably cheap, easy-to-use, and portable modulated fluorometers extended the use of Chi fluorescence analysis to a wide range of photosynthetic organisms, including photosynthetic sea slugs (e.
Submersible fluorometers fastened to oyster cages at sentinel stations were used to determine continuously the dilution of the dye-tagged effluent throughout a 4-day study period.
Dye and fluorescent tracers are used for detecting fluid leaks visually or by sensitive cameras or fluorometers.
In the past few years, the development of portable, user-friendly fluorometers extended the accessibility of the technique to leaf measurements in the field, where it round prompt and useful applications in many physiological and eco-physiological studies.
Shanghai Sanco's products include microplate readers, biochemical analyzers and fluorometers, according to its website.
Pairing scientists with engineers, the 40-employee company makes fluorometers, transmissometers, scattering sensors and spectrophotometers, all of which collect data from the ocean and beam the information back to the surface, helping scientists learn about important changes in the food chain.
Ashjian's team used nets to sample plankton; instruments called CTDs to measure water temperatures, salinities, and depth; and a variety of sensors, including backscatter sensors to measure particles and fluorometers to measure amounts of plant pigment in the water.