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Noun1.flush toilet - a toilet that is cleaned of waste by the flow of water through itflush toilet - a toilet that is cleaned of waste by the flow of water through it
pull chain - a chain (usually with a handle at the end) that is pulled in order to operate some mechanism (e.g. to flush a toilet)
commode, crapper, potty, pot, throne, toilet, stool, can - a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination
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In 2014, less than 9% of overall households had a flush toilet at the end of the review period, with these mainly in urban areas.
Bidets are quite sanitary and have been around almost as long as the flush toilet (which I haven't used at my home since 1982).
Today we deal with a question of profound importance: When, where and by whom was the first flush toilet installed in Worcester?
Within a year, Mr Gates' gamble seemed to have paid off; it is a gamble in the sense that the headway made in the flush toilet since its invention by Alexander Cumming, the Scottish mathematician and watchmaker, in 1755 has been just superficial and cosmetic, compared with other devices that we regularly use or take for granted.
1778: Joseph Bramah patented the valved flush toilet.
MIKE Lockley's column last week was based around a certain Thomas Crapper inventing the flush toilet.
Sir Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet in 1861 in merry old England.
Environmentally aware First World consumers who can afford a flush toilet are also starting to choose greener solutions.
When Willa has a chance to visit Grace's family's home, marveling at the hot and cold water, the flush toilet, the abundant food, YA readers can get a sense of just how much we take for granted.
In dealing with the Metamorphosis Scott-Warren attempts to "heal the rift" between the topical satire that has puzzled generations of commentators on the book and its "timeless pleasures" (59), granted that its overt purpose is to introduce the first flush toilet.
His book, What the Tudors and Stuarts Did For Us, is published on Monday and looks at innovations of the period, such as the printing press, flush toilet, a knitting machine and a pressure cooker.
The exhibition showed the artists' proposals next to whit already existed at the site: a trusty chamber pot; a 19th-century ceramic toilet; and a modern flush toilet, where the toilet paper was automatically replaced by pushing a button - a la James Bond, from the '70s, etc.