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A water-saving device for flushing toilets and urinals that uses pressure from the water supply system rather than the force of gravity to discharge water into the bowl.
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One of the more popular valves, the Sloan Flushometer, works by equalizing pressures in the chambers above and below the diaphragm.
If the custodians stopped spending money on jeeps and their wives, they might have some money for a flushometer or for a ballast for a fluorescent light.
Uppercut Dual-Flush Flushometer, a dual-flush toilet from Sloan Valve Co.
On the other hand, if maintenance is not kept up, replacing fill and flush valves and internal flushometer parts will result in savings from the 1.
1 gallons per flush (gpf) flushometer toilet systems- the industry's first at this low output- deliver 31 percent water savings compared to a standard 1.
Flushometer packages, by the nature of the equipment, is slightly more expensive than the city's $240 residential rebate.