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One who plays the flute.


(Music, other) chiefly US and Canadian a variant of flautist


(ˈflu tɪst)

also flautist

a flute player.
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Noun1.flutist - someone who plays the fluteflutist - someone who plays the flute    
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)


[ˈfluːtɪst] N (US) → flautista mf


[ˈfluːtɪst] n (US)flûtiste mf


(ˈfloːtist) (American) flutist (ˈfluːtist) noun
a flute-player.


(fluːt) noun
a type of high-pitched woodwind musical instrument.
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Collaborating with pianist Najib Ismail and flutist Antonio Maigue, Jo completely ravished.
The author states that while it is her hope that all flutists will gain insights from the discussions of the included repertoire, the book is geared toward the undergraduate flutist.
Mimi Stillman is a world-renowned flutist heralded by the New York Times as "a consummate and charismatic performer.
Re-recorded with contributions from guitarist Van Manakas, alto flutist Ann Lindquist, and flutist John Croarkin, these acoustic, ringing songs evoke gentle memories and a sense of wonder.
Like his wonderful book on Cannonball Adderley, Walk Tall (Milwaukee, WI: Hal Leonard, 2013), this new biography of flutist Herbie Mann treats us to an album-by-album chronicle of the musician's life.
10, taught by renowned flutist Amy Carroll, to help prepare students for the upcoming Junior High School Concert Festival auditions.
com)-- Contemporary Jazz Flutist, Vocalist & Songwriter Ragan Whiteside took home the award for Best Black Female Flutist of the Year in the Black Women in Jazz & Fine Arts Awards, held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta, GA.
THE audience at a recent Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia concert was in for a surprise when the flutist invited a local man onto the stage and accepted an ornamental flute from him at the temple town of Guruvayur in Kerala.
When a flutist can produce solid tones with breath attacks, adding the tongue for articulation will only improve the sound by adding a crisp attack to an already resonant tone.
A visiting flutist and a baroque chamber music concert highlight this week on campus.
The award-winning flutist has also released several CDs and DVDs.
A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist is the first resource of its kind dedicated to flute-related topics.