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1. Of, relating to, or inhabiting a river or stream.
2. Produced by the action of a river or stream.

[Middle English, from Latin fluviālis, from fluvius, river, from fluere, to flow; see bhleu- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈfluːvɪəl) or


(Physical Geography) of, relating to, or occurring in a river: fluvial deposits.
[C14: from Latin fluviālis, from fluvius river, from fluere to flow]


(ˈflu vi əl)

1. of or pertaining to a river.
2. produced by or found in a river.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin fluviālis, derivative of fluvi(us) river]
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Adj.1.fluvial - of or relating to or happening in a river; "fluvial deposits"


[ˈfluːvɪəl] ADJfluvial


adjin Flüssen, fluvial (spec); fluvial waterFlusswasser nt
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Contract notice: Granting of public road transport passenger service and fluvial public service of passengers and vehicles and transport coordinating center.
The implication of this data is that the general SFD's of all of the MOR alluvial diamond deposits (downstream of Douglas) would be expected to be broadly similar, since no primary (kimberlite) sources feed diamonds into the MOR fluvial system downstream of the confluence of the Orange and Vaal rivers at Douglas.
Megacycles are composed of thick packages of braided fluvial sandstones that are sharply overlain by thinner packages of "lacustrine" sediments that accumulated following episodic downdrop of the basin floor (Browne and Plint 1994; Plint and Browne 1994).
There are more than 6,000 properties at risk of tidal and fluvial (from river or stream) flooding in Teesside, according to the Environment Agency.
Mandalay, which is the cultural and business center in central Myanmar, is also known for its colorful fluvial parade of decorated floats in evening time during the water festival.
Il a declare que le Soudan apprecie les positions du Koweit a l'appui du Soudan assurant la creation des partenariats economiques et d'investissement en particuliere dans le domaine du transport fluvial, les communications et l'industrie du sucre.
It has attracted objections from residents based on impact of the development on the amenities of neighbouring properties, highway and parking issues, risk of surface water or fluvial flooding, impact on the character of the area, size, scale and impact on infrastructure, loss of views, loss of trees and hedgerows and impact on ecology.
Before 50 000 cal a BP and until ~47 700 cal a BP [marine isotope stage 3 (MIS3)], two of the sites were probably being influenced by energetic fluvial deposition, possibly associated with strong seasonality.
Le projet fournira des ressources hydrauliques a 18 millions d'ames dans cinq gouvernorats de la Moyenne Egypte, ameliorera le transport fluvial et produira de l'energie propre.
Research underway at Oklahoma State University, in collaboration with the USDA-ARS National Sedimentation Laboratory in Oxford, Mississippi, is investigating the role of groundwater in streambank erosion, both as an individual mechanism and when acting in conjunction with fluvial processes.
WHERE: 25164 Fluvial Terrace, Aldie, Virginia 20105