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[French, from Latin fluviātilis, from fluvius, river; see fluvial.]
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The fluviatile trees next the shore are the slender eyelashes which fringe it, and the wooded hills and cliffs around are its overhanging brows.
Growth and reproduction in the freshwater crab, Potamon fluviatile (Decapoda, Brachyura).
fluviatile, which has filamentous, clavate and fusoid-ventricose cheilocystidia however in that variety the clavate cystidia are elongate, while in case of Hebeloma mesophaeum these are saccate and subutriform.
The sediments from the quaternary comprises of marine, fluviatile and other deposits observed in main rivers and coastal region.
2003): Tectonique de Chevauchement, Surrection et incision fluviatile (Exemple de la Zone Subandine Equatorienne, Haut Bassin Amazonien).
overthat, Superficial Deposits are exists due to the relatively high relief in the study area the activities of surface water widely deposited quaternary superficial deposits including the following types Fluviatile and lacustrine gravels; these sediments comprise coarse grained sand and sub angular to sub rounded gravels of chert, limestone, dolomite, dolomitic limestone, sandstone and basalt (Shawabekeh 1998).
1), which is composed of Holocene alluvium and Holocene or Pleistocene fluviatile terrace deposits (TWDB, 1986).
globosus (Baird, 1850) Bosminidae Sars, 1985 Bosmina freyi + - - - Melo and Hebert, 1994 Bosmina hagmanni + - - - Stingelin, 1904 Bosmina tubicen + - - - Brehm, 1953 Bosminopsis + - + + deitersi Richard, 1895 Daphniidae Straus, 1820 Ceriodaphnia + + + + cornuta Sars, 1885 Ceriodaphnia + - - + silvestrii Daday, 1902 Simocephalus + + + + serrulatus (Koch, 1841) Ilyocryptidae Smirnov, 1992 Ilyocryptus - + - + spinifer Herrick, 1882 Macrothricidae Norman and Brandy, 1867 Macrothrix + + + - elegans Sars, 1901 Macrothrix - + - - squamosa Sars, 1901 Moinidae Goulden, 1968 Moina minuta + - - + Hansen, 1899 Sididae Baird, 1850 Diaphanosoma - - + + brevireme Sars, 1901 Diaphanosoma + - - - fluviatile Hansen, 1899 Latonopsis - + + + australis Sars, 1888 Sarsilatona - - - + serricauda (Sars, 1901)
In the Tuncbilek sub-basin, terrestrial and lacustrine sediments contain half-cemented conglomerates, claystones of fluviatile origin showing a fining-upward sequence, marls, siltstones, sandstones, lacustrine limestones, and lignite, located in the lower and upper parts of the sequence (Figure 1).
The ophiolite is overlain by a conglomeratic interval assigned to the Maastrichtian Qahlah Formation which comprises well rounded ophiolite pebbles and is interpreted as a beach deposit although with fluviatile basal sediments (Fig.
Therefore, the existence of a permanent hazel dormouse immigration barrier caused by an extensive fluviatile system is not very likely.
For the most part, the sandstone depositional environments range from being open marine through deltaic to fluviatile.