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a. A flow or flowing.
b. Continual change.
2. Archaic
b. fluxions Differential calculus.

[French, from Late Latin flūxiō, flūxiōn-, from Latin flūxus, flux; see flux.]

flux′ion·al adj.
flux′ion·al·ly adv.
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Palaniandavar, Interaction of rac-[Cu(diimine)3]2+ and rac [Zn(diimine)3]2+ complexes with CT DNA: effect of fluxional Cu(II) geometry on DNA binding, ligand-promoted exciton coupling and prominent DNA cleavage, Dalton Trans.
Indeed, this charm must be wasted because it is quite literally wasting away in the fluxional, in the process, in the experience that is the beautiful--you must take your leave of it; you shall never see it again.
The bent skeletons of 34a-34d determined by X-ray crystallography are not rigid but fluxional both in the solid state and in solution (Fig.
Calculo infinitesimal leibniziano y calculo fluxional newtoniano
Clearly, the shift from the Platonic philosophy to a new philosophy is the process of reversing values: as a world of becoming was changed into a world of being and appearance was devalued in traditional metaphysics, the new philosophy should see the world the other way around or resume what has been turned upside down; the world is what appears rather than what is behind the appearance and appearance is becoming because becoming is inventive, appearance is fluxional (1968, p.
Yeats's symbol reads much like one of Pound's fluxional vortices, except that Yeats's flux is a suffusion of "all sounds, all colours, all forms" into the word, which acts as a vessel for any association the reader might bring to the table.
Ahora bien, Newton evito discutir sobre la naturaleza de los infinitesimales, primos (primes) y razones ultimas (ultimate ratios), utilizados en su metodo de analisis fluxional.
In the UK higher education sector, lecturers become more and more isolated from each other as no slack is left in their workload, students have an daily expanding role in the design of programme structures, module contents and assess methods, they are now 'relating' with universities via calculated, explicit 'responsibility contracts', universities are suffering from fluxional overseas student source and, like the students, trapped in worsening financial debts.