fly in

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w>fly in

vi (troops, president, rescue plane etc)einfliegen; we flew into Heathrow at nightwir sind abends in Heathrow angekommen; she flew in from New York this morningsie ist heute Morgen mit dem Flugzeug aus New York angekommen
vt sep supplies, troopseinfliegen
References in classic literature ?
It is really pleasant enough," said he: "the whole day long I sit in the office amid the driest law-papers, and at night I fly in my dream as a lark in the gardens of Fredericksburg; one might really write a very pretty comedy upon it.
DVA will become its own economic engine bringing customers to fly in for skiing, shopping, golf, and restaurants.
Members who are available and willing to fly in for a day to meet with congressional offices are responsible for making their own travel arrangements; however, all congressional appointments are scheduled by NTCA's government affairs (G.
It's little perks like that allow the aviator to fly in and feel this is a friendly place.