fly past

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w>fly past

(car, person) → vorbeisausen or -flitzen (inf)
(ceremonially) → vorbeifliegen
vi +prep obj to fly past somethingan etw (dat)vorbeifliegen
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King Abdullah 11 witnessed a spectacular fly past displayed by Pakistan Air Force's JF-17 Thunder jets.
New Delhi: The nation on Monday bade a teary farewell to the Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh, the legendary aviator who was laid to rest with full state honours including a fly past by fighter jets here.
The PAF aircraft fly past was led by Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman.
The famous planes delighted crowds at Llandudno and Rhyl airshows last summer and this was a bonus fly past for anyone lucky enough to have spotted them.
Three Hunters were trying to fly past and break the sound barrier and one of them never came out of the dive, leaving a 20ft crater.
THE Queen has led the nation in marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain - watching a fly past of historic aircraft over the capital.
Honorary Air Commodore Vic Norman, of 614 Squadron Cardiff and Glamorgan, will be taking off from Cardiff Airport and flying along the coast past Cardiff city centre to perform a fly past at 614 Squadron's wartime base RAF Pengam Moors during the morning.
On the side line, Singh was briefed on the Republic day fly past at the fly past control room.
There will be two fly pasts, first at the tenth Al Ain Aerobatic Show, where visitors will be treated to a fly past of an Etihad Airways Airbus A330-200 aircraft at 3.
It will fly past sites which have played a part in its illustrious history including Coventry Airport and RAF Cosford.
The synopsis of the commercial, which will be translated into Arabic, French, German and Chinese, shows people enjoying a day at the beach who are surprised to see an Etihad A340 fly past, trailing a giant message.
A fly past and a "bow of honour" by the Welsh Air Ambulance Service were also performed.