fly swatter

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fly swatter

An implement used to kill flies or other insects, usually consisting of a piece of plastic or wire mesh attached to a long handle.

fly′ swat`ter

or fly′swat`ter,

a device for killing insects, usu. a square sheet of wire or plastic mesh attached to a long handle.
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He liked inventions, large and small, and ordered mail-order products that captured his imagination, like an electric fly swatter or a pillow made of magnets.
To counteract a fly's reaction speed, the attempt should be made in the morning when the cool air makes it more sluggish than usual and a fly swatter should be used instead of a traditional rolled up newspaper, to reduce the change in air pressure.
From there she got the dog nudging a fly swatter, then a pad of Post It notes, occasionally using a smear of peanut butter to focus its attention.
I have a little fly swatter, sir, and you will get flattened.
Chibnall beat them with her fists, bamboo sticks and an electric fly swatter if they did not have homework.
It is the duty of senior faculty to watch out for the new, junior faculty to ensure and attempt to protect him/her from the invisible fly swatter.
Metal fly swatter -- With only a breeze to cool summer air, screened windows and doors were a minor challenge to flies.
CLUBS AND BARS Barfly, Kingsway, Cardiff Fly Swatter, 10.
The next thing I know, I was flying in the air like a fly getting hit by a fly swatter.
They wanted to reach people who wouldn't know the difference between a slide rule and a fly swatter.