flying lizard

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flying lizard

Any of various small tropical Asian lizards of the genus Draco, having winglike membranes on each side that are used for gliding through the air. Also called flying dragon.

flying lizard


flying dragon

(Animals) any lizard of the genus Draco, of S and SE Asia, having an extensible fold of skin on each side of the body, used to make gliding leaps: family Agamidae (agamas)

fly′ing drag′on

any arboreal lizard of the genus Draco, having an extensible membrane between elongated ribs for long, gliding leaps. Also called flying lizard.
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Noun1.flying lizard - any of several small tropical Asian lizards capable of gliding by spreading winglike membranes on each side of the bodyflying lizard - any of several small tropical Asian lizards capable of gliding by spreading winglike membranes on each side of the body
agamid, agamid lizard - a lizard of the family Agamidae
genus Draco, Draco - a reptile genus known as flying dragons or flying lizards
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