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1. A trap for catching flies.
2. An insectivorous plant, such as the Venus flytrap.


1. (Botany) any of various insectivorous plants, esp Venus's flytrap
2. a device for catching flies



1. any of various plants that entrap insects, esp. the Venus's-flytrap.
2. a trap for flies.
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Noun1.flytrap - a trap for catching fliesflytrap - a trap for catching flies    
trap - a device in which something (usually an animal) can be caught and penned
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You've walked into a flytrap, it's dark down there and there is no way out of it, not really.
Venus flytrap, worldwide This plant lures flies into its trap with pink leaves that ooze nectar.
But Wimbledon will find out on Monday just what the Russian doll is really made of when she walks straight into a Venus flytrap.
Ecosystems dominated by longleaf pine forests are important habitat for hundreds of plant and animals species, including the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, Venus flytrap and various species of pitcher plants.
has pried open the jaws of his Venus' flytrap to see it.
com hopes to lure in like a Venus flytrap lures a fly (couldn't resist).
MUSHKIN'S Skid Row flower shop has a new attraction in the front window - a mutant Venus flytrap that craves human blood.
Each pack contains everything you need to grow a chilli, tea, coffee or flytrap plant to add a touch of the exotic.
NEW stamps which picture Ireland's version of the Venus Flytrap will snatch an extra 7c.
Faster than a Venus Flytrap snapping shut, the bunchberry dogwood's acceleration is about 800 times the force astronauts go through on take-off.
Whether it's some Japanese Winnie the Pooh oatmeal for pounds 3 or a useless fabric Venus flytrap plant for 60p, it seems you can bid for and buy absolutely anything online.
SHIRLEY MANSON is the music world's equivalent of a Venus flytrap.