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Noun1.focalisation - the confinement of an infection to a limited area
pathogenesis - the origination and development of a disease
2.focalisation - the act of bringing into focus
intensification - action that makes something stronger or more extreme
refocusing - focusing again
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La focalisation de la presse sur les livres primes attire de plus en plus de lecteurs et les salons du livre s'empressent d'inviter les nouvelles stars de la litterature [beaucoup plus grand que], dira Saoud Essanoussi.
Mohammed Amin Benamraoui, est un jeune cineaste marocain talentueux qui a travers ce film, et a travers son personnage principal [beaucoup moins que]Ammar[beaucoup plus grand que], utilise une focalisation interne qui retrace une bonne partie de sa vie d'enfance, notamment sa decouverte du septieme art.
C'est la alors que l'on deduit que la concentration a desormais change de cible, d'une focalisation uniquement sur des objets tangibles (comme les ordinateurs, les bureaux et les chaises), comme etant des atouts.
The paper does not pretend to a chronological examination of Ovid's oeuvre, from youth to age, but concentrates on the phenomenon in three clearly distinguishable genres (epic, love elegy and exilic poetry) (11) to show that differences in focalisation evoke variant responses in Ovid's readers.
The focalisation moves between Katie and her twin, and one of the central relationships is between these two.
It is of course tempting to read these passages as being told by a first person narrator, in which case they would be surprising examples of what Gerard Genette calls first person external focalisation, although it is also possible to describe this kind of narration as zero focalization (= the narrator knowing more than the person).
Thus, focalisation refers and gives organisation to the total conventional symbolic system of the story, as well as interconnecting the narrative represented with its written or visual representation (Bal 2005).
Other abstract categories like voicing and focalisation are managed differently depending on the discipline and its tasks.
Voice and focalisation can coincide in poetry as in fiction, but they can also be distinct, in homo- or autodiegetic narration typically as the subtle difference between the narrating and the experiencing (perceiving or reflecting) self, a difference in temporal as well as cognitive and emotional terms.
Since Agaat appears principally through Milla's focalisation, she does not possess "an effective 'voice' clearly and unproblematically audible" (Ashcroft et al.
Enfin, il faut souligner la focalisation explicite de cette approche sur les diverses echelles de la gouvernance et leurs liens.
These two distinct representations of God are constructed by different uses of specific narrative techniques such as characterization, plot, narrative voice and focalisation.