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1. Of or relating to a focus.
2. Placed at or measured from a focus.

fo′cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.focally - in a focal manner; "the submucosa was focally infiltrated"
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9 In our case, tumour cells showed strong positivity for CD21 and CD23 while S-100 and CD68 were focally positive.
Ultherapy(r) uses ultrasound technology to focally tighten the deeper layers of the skin.
17-19) Cytokeratin 7 is usually negative or focally positive in clear cell RCC.
Histology of the resected specimen showed fibrous tissue with chronic inflammation and fibrin deposition, and a nodular portion of focally ulcerated squamous mucosa with pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia, chronic inflammation, extensive fibrin deposition, and fibrinoid necrosis of blood vessels.
Furthermore, tanycytic ependymoma normally shows a strong immunoreactivity for GFAP, whereas schwannomas only focally express GFAP.
Microscopically, the caudal vena cava had focally extensive, necrosuppurative, chronic-active phlebitis in the intima and adventitia (Figure 1C).
Pathology of an abdominal wall fat pad biopsy revealed a picture of a relatively normal epidermis with focally increased dermal collagen bundles and decreased periadnexal fatty tissue of the skin.
However, histological assessment of the bowel showed a well developed submucosal abscess, containing tattoo pigment, with the suppurative inflammation focally extending into the superficial muscularis propria.
The site has been abandoned for far too long and its development is welcome, but it is paramount that the architecturally correct building is chosen as we will be living with the result for many years in a focally important area for Llandudno.
He built the first TMS devices that were able to stimulate the brain in an awake adult focally and non-invasively.
Rare mitotic figures were observed; architecture was focally storiform (similar to that of dermatofibrosarcoma).
Focally, the columnar goblet cell nuclei were slightly enlarged and hyperchromatic with pseudostratification (Figure 3).