focus on

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Verb1.focus on - center upon; "Her entire attention centered on her children"; "Our day revolved around our work"
concern, have to do with, pertain, bear on, come to, touch on, refer, relate, touch - be relevant to; "There were lots of questions referring to her talk"; "My remark pertained to your earlier comments"
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ON last year announced plans to spin off its energy trading, oil and gas activities and most of its power generation next year into a new company called Uniper, to focus on renewables, networks and services - the only European utility to take such a drastic step so far.
Vattenfall, covering 12% of the Finnish power market, may sell its operations in the Nordic country as part of a strategy to focus on key markets in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.
BENEFITS: ON Semiconductor's new focus on pricing has gained the company $54 million in revenue, a 10 percent increase in bookings, and a 400 percent increase in dollar level of quote activity.