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Noun1.foglamp - headlight that provides strong beam for use in foggy weather
headlamp, headlight - a powerful light with reflector; attached to the front of an automobile or locomotive
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Foglamp is folland or orgasm, strangely, and narrowboat turns out as marrowfat.
introduces two new amorphous materials developed specifically for automotive lighting applications, such as headlamp bezels and reflectors and foglamp and park/turn reflectors.
These products include: BitFonter, FogLamp, FontLab Studio, Fontographer, ScanFont, TypeTool, TransType, FontFlasher, FONmaker, SigMaker and CompoCompiler.
As a consequence, the ZE is 13cm longer, in order to accommodate the battery behind the rear seats, and at the front has the Renault logo, foglamp surrounds, headlamp brows and lower part of the headlamp mask all picked out in blue.
The model features a new front complete with a masked headlamp, chrome-embellished foglamp and a new grille, new radiator grille, headlamps and taillamps, new foglamps with chrome fixtures, black masking in the headlamps, and a revised cluster design for the LED taillights.
It amounts to little more than extra chrome detailing on the radiator grille, new foglamp surrounds, revised rear lamp clusters and chrome detailing on the front headlamp lenses.
The model features a large 'wing-shape' grille and an updated lower fascia with new foglamp enclosures, and optional LED headlamps, while all variants will feature LED DRL strips, LED taillamps and a new bumper, and interiors with newly designed center console offering a large entertainment screen and buttons.
LAND Rover is giving the Range Rover a facelift - but it's not the usual moving of a foglamp 4mm and different-coloured bumpers.
The model features sharper projector headlamp, thick chrome usage on the grille and foglamp, a new alloy wheel pattern and slimmer and sharper headlamps.
The vehicle features recalibrated ESP and traction control, matte black trims and a front end with dark treatment applied to the grille surround, foglamp bezels and door mirror shells, matte black side skirts and wheel arch extensions.
The three-door hatch boasts a different grille and foglamp surrounds to make it stand out from the rest of the range, though.
The model features a new headlight design that now has rings around the LED daytime running lights if chosen with the optional xenon headlamps, new foglamp surrounds, less black plastic around the lower edge of the body, a more pronounced rear underguard, new alloy wheel designs, new colours, and a redesigned centre console.