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or fo·gey (fō′gē)
n. pl. fo·gies or fo·geys
A person of stodgy or old-fashioned habits and attitudes.

[Originally 18th-century slang, invalid soldier, perhaps diminutive (with suffix -y) of earlier fogram, fogy (of unknown origin) or perhaps from Scots foggie, old soldier (possibly from foggie, mossy, covered from moss or lichen, from fog, moss, lichen, from Middle English fogge, grass left uncut in the field for winter grazing; see fog2).]

fo′gy·ish adj.
fo′gy·ism n.


or fo•gey

(ˈfoʊ gi)

n., pl. -gies or -geys.
an extremely old-fashioned or conservative person (usu. prec. by old).
[1770–80; orig. uncertain]
fo′gy•ish, adj.
fo′gy•ism, n.
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Noun1.fogy - someone whose style is out of fashion
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech


An old-fashioned person who is reluctant to change or innovate:
Informal: stick-in-the-mud.
Slang: square.
References in classic literature ?
A FOGY who lived in a cave near a great caravan route returned to his home one day and saw, near by, a great concourse of men and animals, and in their midst a tower, at the foot of which something with wheels smoked and panted like an exhausted horse.
Knowest thou not, thou whelp of darkness and father of disordered livers," cried the Fogy, "that water will cause grass to spring up here, and trees, and possibly even flowers?
the Fogy replied, with the dignity of his race, extending his hand.
At ten he was a thoughtful and sober-minded young man, at fourteen almost an old fogy.
But Damascus, with its four thousand years of respectability in the world, has many old fogy notions.
But when he saw Arthur colour, he went on relentingly, "My part, you know, is always that of the old fogy who sees nothing to admire in the young folks.
Fogy conditions with frost formation are also forecast in the desert areas.
Shopkeeper of Handicraft shop at Super Market said that his business is on rise as sale of shawls is getting momentum due to prevailing cold and fogy weather conditions in country.
Download Weather forecast: Partly cloudy with no change in temperatures NNA - The new week is expected to start on a cloudy note, as the meteorology department at Rafik Hariri International Airport forecast Monday's weather to be partly cloudy at the coast and fogy over mountainous terrain.
The only choice we will have to make is between Geraldine McEwan, Margaret Rutherford or Angela Lansbury as our ubiquitous crime-solving old fogy.
The PMC briefed the DG Rescue 1122 that this fogy season was further expected in the coming days due to which major traffic accidents might take place.
Holtham will claim that this is hyperbole, and/or LuPone is just an old fogy who simply doesn't get it.