fold away

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w>fold away

vi (table, bed)zusammenklappbar sein, sich zusammenlegen lassen
vt sep table, bedzusammenklappen; clotheszusammenlegen; newspaperzusammenfalten
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Director of Huddersfield transport company, Van European, Mark Senior with the remote controls for a fold away fork |lift truck, which is stored beneath one of the wagons belonging to the company 160715CFORK_01 ANDY CATCHPOOL
The intent of this project is to engineer, integrate, and install a fold away fall protection track system on the north, south and east sides of the influent pumping station structure to provide workers with safe access to the hatches above each influent pump.
With the ability to easily fold away, the Harlington bench is both practical and stylish.
Sydney back pack, Herschel @ ASOS CHECKING OUT Woolly scarves It's heating up, so fold away those chunky knits and invest in light cotton or silk instead.
Its unique design allows it to fold away when not in use, therefore taking up minimal storage space.
The original wall mount desk features the valuable fold away workspace, as well as two adjustable shelves, bill organizers and a corkboard.
They have brown PVC over a foam seat pad and fold away neatly when not in use.
Instead of a traditional wheel, there are a pair of retractable handles that close together and fold away into the car's dash, making it much easier for elderly owners and those with less mobility to climb in and out of the driver's seat.
The seats can be collapsed with one hand and it takes only a matter of seconds to fold away all five back seats if necessary.
But at the touch of a switch the roof can fold away electrically in a few seconds to transform the car into a sleek open-top tourer without all the fuss and security worries of a ragtop.
One main mirror is fixed to the wall and the others are attached to two extendable arms, which fold away after use.
Make folds along the thin dotted lines: the blue lines fold toward you; the orange lines fold away from you.