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Of or relating to a leaf or leaves.

[New Latin foliāris, from Latin folium, leaf; see folium.]


(Botany) of or relating to a leaf or leaves
[C19: from French foliaire, from Latin folium leaf]


(ˈfoʊ li ər)

of, pertaining to, or having the nature of a leaf or leaves.
[1870–75; < New Latin foliāris. See folium, -ar1]
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Considerando lo anterior, se realizo el presente estudio en palma de aceite cultivada en el norte de Chiapas, evaluando el rendimiento de fruto fresco y concentracion foliar de N-P-K en respuesta a 12 tratamientos de fertilizacion quimica aplicada al suelo.
Four concentrations of boron (0, 200, 400 and 600 ppm) were applied as foliar sprays to Olive cultivar Manzanillo at three different growth stages (Pre-bloom, full-bloom and fruit set).
3%) was used as seed osmopriming (SP) and/or foliar spray (F), and water as hydropriming (HP).
Lods Agronomy Research Centre in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, Canada to determine the effect of foliar application of yeast extract on the soybean seed yield and related variables.
2015) reported that soil application of mustard cake along with tuber treatment and foliar spray with Trichoderma viride was found best in reducing disease severity of late blight, stimulating germination and increased plant height of potato.
Wheat cultivar, Glaxy 2013 was sown in mid-December, 2014-15 and two foliar treatments i.
In the production of fruit crops, the use of foliar fertilization has been adopted as an important tool in the nutritional management, including by certified nursery owners, to obtain higher-quality seedlings.
Objetivou-se descrever e retratar a evolucao dos sintomas de deficiencias de nutrientes em melancieira quando induzidos no estadio de frutificacao, e determinar o teor foliar no orgao e no momento em que foi visualizado o sintoma.
1 Definition and Specifications of Foliar Fertilizer
Tenders are invited for work includes, but is not limited to vegetation maintenance activities along cross country sewer easements involving land clearing, hand cutting, side trimming, stump grinding, cut and stump treatment, mist blower foliar, backpack foliar, and field mowing.
The foliar application of Zn increased water use efficiency and thereby reduced the negative effects of drought stress.