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For this, the old foliation is replaced on the surfaces in the interior with new films.
In addition to the LRR tests, two 32 mm specimens (#9 and #11) were loaded up to failure in order to investigate the uniaxial compressive strength in a direction perpendicular to foliation.
Their method of proof, the Hyperboloidal Foliation Method, extends the standard "vector field method" developed for massless fields, and importantly, does not use the scaling vector field of Minkowski space.
On its turn, the kernel of this form induces a holomorphic foliation with singularities F on S (compare with [13, Section 3]).
The Bugalagrande Group is composed of chlorite and actinolite schists interlayered with pelitic schists and quartzites, while El Rosario Complex consists of amphibolites and garnet amphibolites with weak- to well-developed foliation.
Let (M,g, F) be a foliated Riemannian manifold with a foliation F and a bundlelike metric g with respect to F.
It corresponds to grade 4, exhibits conspicuous quartzite veins, and distinct joint and foliation planes, but indistinct fault plane.
10,11 Scientists have shown that prenatal RA exposure affects cortico-cerebellar connections and induces several structural abnormalities, including reduced cerebellar size and impaired foliation profile.
g]) admits a global decomposition as GRW space-time if and only if it has a timelike gradient conformal Killing vector field K, such that the flow of its normalized vector field, Z, is well defined and onto a domain I x L for some interval I [less than or equal to] R and some leafofthe orthogonal foliation to K.
The foliation was caused mainly by biotite grain arrangement.
All the metamorphic units share a north-south striking, steeply to vertically dipping compositional layering and foliation, and near-vertical minor fold hinges lineations, implying deformation in a transcurrent stress regime.
The foliation plane of the metamorphic sole rocks on the northwestern base of the JTGM strikes northeastsouthwest with a dip ranging from 20o 75o to the east