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fond 1

adj. fond·er, fond·est
1. Having a strong liking, inclination, or affection: fond of ballet; fond of my nieces and nephews.
2. Affectionate; tender: a fond embrace.
3. Immoderately affectionate or indulgent; doting: fond grandparents who tended to spoil the child.
4. Cherished; dear: my fondest hopes.
5. Archaic Naively credulous or foolish.

[Middle English fonned, foolish, probably from past participle of fonnen, to be foolish, probably from fonne, fool.]

fond′ly adv.
fond′ness n.

fond 2

The background of a design in lace.

[French, from Old French fonds, fond, from Latin fundus, bottom.]


1. (foll by: of) predisposed (to); having a liking (for)
2. loving; tender: a fond embrace.
3. indulgent; doting: a fond mother.
4. (of hopes, wishes, etc) cherished but unlikely to be realized: he had fond hopes of starting his own business.
5. archaic or dialect
a. foolish
b. credulous
[C14 fonned, from fonnen to be foolish, from fonne a fool]
ˈfondly adv
ˈfondness n


(fɒnd; French fɔ̃)
1. (Clothing & Fashion) the background of a design, as in lace
2. obsolete fund; stock
[C17: from French, from Latin fundus bottom; see fund]



adj. , -er, -est.
1. having a liking or affection for (usu. fol. by of): to be fond of animals.
2. loving; affectionate: to give someone a fond look.
3. excessively tender or indulgent; doting: a fond parent.
4. cherished with strong or unreasoning feeling: to nourish fond hopes of becoming president.
5. Archaic.
a. foolish or silly.
b. foolishly credulous or trusting.
[1300–50; Middle English fonnen to be foolish]


(fɒnd; Fr. fɔ̃)

n., pl. fonds (fondz; Fr. fôn).
background; foundation.
[1655–65; < French; see fund]


- First meant "foolish, silly."
See also related terms for silly.


 a stock of money or of goods. See also store.
Examples: fond of appreciation, 1872; of money, 1673; of physick, 1707; of wit, 1704.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Adj.1.fond - having or displaying warmth or affection; "affectionate children"; "a fond embrace"; "fond of his nephew"; "a tender glance"; "a warm embrace"
loving - feeling or showing love and affection; "loving parents"; "loving glances"
2.fond - extravagantly or foolishly loving and indulgentfond - extravagantly or foolishly loving and indulgent; "adoring grandparents"; "deceiving her preoccupied and doting husband with a young captain"; "hopelessly spoiled by a fond mother"
loving - feeling or showing love and affection; "loving parents"; "loving glances"
3.fond - (followed by `of' or `to') having a strong preference or liking for; "fond of chocolate"; "partial to horror movies"
inclined - (often followed by `to') having a preference, disposition, or tendency; "wasn't inclined to believe the excuse"; "inclined to be moody"
4.fond - absurd or silly because unlikely; "fond hopes of becoming President"; "fond fancies"
foolish - devoid of good sense or judgment; "foolish remarks"; "a foolish decision"


2. unrealistic, empty, naive, vain, foolish, deluded, indiscreet, credulous, overoptimistic, delusive, delusory, absurd My fond hope is that we'll be ready on time.
unrealistic sensible, rational
fond of
3. attached to, in love with, keen on, attracted to, having a soft spot for, enamoured of I am very fond of Michael.
4. keen on, into (informal), hooked on, partial to, having a soft spot for, having a taste for, addicted to, having a liking for, predisposed towards, having a fancy for He was fond of marmalade


Feeling and expressing affection:
بَعيد المَنال، بَعيد التَّحَقُّقمولَع، مُغْرَم
ástríkurkjánalegur, óraunsær
rad imeti


[fɒnd] ADJ (fonder (compar) (fondest (superl)))
1. to be fond of sbtener cariño a algn, querer mucho a algn
I am very fond of Ingaa Inga le tengo mucho cariño or la quiero mucho
they were very fond of each otherse tenían mucho cariño, se querían mucho
I've become or grown fond of himme he encariñado con él, le he cogido cariño
2. to be fond of sth: she is very fond of marmalade/shoppingle gusta mucho la mermelada/ir de compras
she is very fond of animalsle gustan mucho los animales
he's very fond of his old minile tiene mucho cariño a su viejo mini
he is very fond of handing out advice (pej) → es demasiado aficionado a dar consejos
he became or grew very fond of gardeningle cogió gusto a la jardinería
3. (= affectionate) [wife, parent, relative] → cariñoso, afectuoso
she gave him a fond smilele sonrió cariñosa
they exchanged fond looksintercambiaron miradas cariñosas
to bid sb a fond farewell; bid a fond farewell to sbdespedirse de algn cariñosamente
see also absence
4. (= pleasant) to have fond memories of sthtener muy buenos recuerdos de algo
5. (= foolish) [belief, hope] → ingenuo, vano
in the fond belief thatcon la ingenua or vana creencia de que
6. (= fervent) [wish] → ferviente


[ˈfɒnd] adj
[person] to be fond of sb → aimer beaucoup qn
I'm very fond of her → Je l'aime beaucoup.
to be fond of sth → aimer bien qch
to be fond of doing sth → aimer bien faire qch
[look, smile] → affectueux/euse
very fond memories of sth → de très bons souvenirs de qch
(= naive) [wish, belief] → naïf(naïve)
in the fond hope that ... → dans le vain espoir que ...
in the fond belief that ... → en croyant naïvement que ...


adj (+er)
to be fond of somebodyjdn gernhaben or mögen; to be fond of somethingetw mögen; she is very fond of animalssie hat Tiere sehr gern, sie ist sehr tierlieb(end); I’m not enormously fond of Shaw’s playsich bin kein großer Freund von Shaws Stücken; the two were very fond of each otherdie beiden hatten or mochten einander sehr gern; I am fonder of Michael than James, but I am fondest of Adrianich habe Michael lieber als James, aber Adrian habe ich am liebsten; to become or grow fond of somebody/somethingjdn/etw lieb gewinnen; he became very fond of the gardender Garten ist ihm sehr lieb geworden or sehr ans Herz gewachsen; to be fond of doing somethingetw gern tun; she was fond of shoppingsie ging gern einkaufen; he is very fond of telling us about the warer erzählt uns mit Vorliebe vom Krieg
(= loving) husband, parent, relative, look, smileliebevoll; friendlieb; she gave him a fond smilesie lächelte ihn liebevoll an; to bid somebody a fond farewellsich liebevoll von jdm verabschieden; they’re saying their fond farewellssie nehmen zärtlich voneinander Abschied; to have fond memories of somethingschöne Erinnerungen an etw (acc)haben, sich gern an etw (acc)erinnern; fondest regardsmit lieben Grüßen ? absence a
(= fervent) hope, dream, wishsehnlich; his fondest wishsein sehnlichster Wunsch, sein Herzenswunsch
(= foolish, vain) beliefnaiv; hopetöricht (geh); in the fond hope/belief that …in der vergeblichen Hoffnung, dass …; he has fond hopes of winninger bildet sich (dat)tatsächlich ein, gewinnen zu können


[fɒnd] adj (-er (comp) (-est (superl))) (loving, memory, look) → affettuoso/a, tenero/a; (doting) → che stravede; (foolish, hope, desire) → vano/a
to be fond of sb → voler bene a qn
she's fond of swimming → le piace nuotare
she's fond of dogs → le piacciono i cani


(fond) adjective
1. loving. fond looks; a fond husband.
2. (of wishes, hopes etc) unlikely to be fulfilled. His fond ambition was to be a film star.
ˈfondly adverb
ˈfondness noun
(especially with for) affection; liking. her fondness for children.
fond of
having a liking for. He is very fond of dogs.
References in classic literature ?
If I be fond of the sea, and all that is sealike, and fondest of it when it angrily contradicteth me:
All that the fondest mother could do for her son you have done and are doing for him, and of course I am glad of it.
The squire immediately complied with his daughter's request (for he was the fondest of parents).
His fondest anticipation's had gone no farther than twenty or thirty thousand dollars to a claim; but here were claims worth half a million each at the least, even if they were spotted.
but not farewell To all my fondest thoughts of thee: Within my heart they still shall dwell; And they shall cheer and comfort me.
In music, in dancing, in orthography, in every variety of embroidery and needlework, she will be found to have realized her friends' fondest wishes.
Yet this love, so unceasingly sewn, she knew when she came to consider and marvel, was more of Billy than of the nebulous, ungraspable new bit of life that eluded her fondest attempts at visioning.
I was guided by my father, because I had always found him the truest of all advisers, the best and fondest of all protectors and friends.
Her day was divided between us; no amusement usurped a minute: she neglected her meals, her studies, and her play; and she was the fondest nurse that ever watched.
It's my business, you know," he went on, "to help you to see these things as the people who are fondest of you see them.
If ever my darling were fonder of me at one time than another in all our intercourse, she was surely fondest of me that night.
And this address seemed to satisfy all the fondest wishes of the mother's heart, for she received him with the most delighted and exulting affection.