food manufacturer

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producer, manufacturer - someone who manufactures something
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Heather Watson and Daniel Chantrell were snapped up by Teesside food manufacturer, SK Foods, after they carried out work placements as part of their course on The Prince's Trust Team programme.
This article considers the success a California food manufacturer had with a personal guaranty as leverage for payment in full from an HCRC that had filed Chapter 11-and avoiding a preference clawback to boot.
Particularly in light of this, aseptic Food Option filling machines from SIG Combibloc may be of interest for any food manufacturer who wants to expand the existing product range by adding more profitable products, without investing in a high-end solution for filling food products such as ready-meals or chunky soups and sauces-regardless of whether it is a beverage producer looking to enter the food business, or an established food manufacturer planning an investment to add further products to the portfolio.
THERMAL ENERGY INTERNATIONAL has announced purchase orders totaling 374,167[pounds sterling] from a major UK food manufacturer to provide GEM condensate return systems for use at 5 of its manufacturing sites.
Flexible changeover, versatility to retrofit for changing up the line and multi-purpose equipment that meets several needs are what we envision in the next generation of packaging equipment," said a senior engineer for a food manufacturer interviewed for the study.
Iceland-based international food manufacturing company Bakkavor Group hf said on Wednesday (11 July) that it has strengthened its operations in Continental Europe with the acquisition of a 51% stake in Heli Food Fresh, a Czech fresh prepared food manufacturer.
the food manufacturer best known for its spices and herbs, boldly promotes the strength of its research and development, which has produced extremely valuable patents.
And it's the food manufacturer that appears to be winning the battle of the American kitchen.
Luis said sustainability was addressed differently depending on the stage of the food supply chain - farmer, food manufacturer or consumer, but all sectors could play their part in reducing food waste.
For example, if a food manufacturer already has a HACCP system that performs hazard analysis for chemical, physical and microbial hazards, then radiological hazards will be identified as a missing component.
This is done by maintaining consistency, texture and taste in the finished product, benefiting the food manufacturer by ensuring a chemical free declaration on ingredients labels.
Tokyo, Japan, Feb 6, 2006 - (JCN) - On February 6, Japanese food manufacturer Fujicco announced comments on the current media coverage on soybean isoflavone.