Informal See foodie.

food′ism n.
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Happy, a Somerset-based company established by raw foodist Andrew Davis, is launching delicious, healthy kale crisps that are not only 100 percent natural and raw, but also wheat, dairy, nut, gluten and GM free.
Dubai-based raw foodist Cyntha Gonzalez sees it as a sign of the times.
Myhra, a raw foodist, will give the talk on the second floor of the Market of Choice at 29th Avenue and Willamette Street.
But what's even more noteworthy for the celebrated raw foodist, given her family history, is that she's alive.
Erini is also a raw foodist, which means she has gone for months without using her oven.
While Government advice is to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day and you can count veg in a stew as a portion, a raw foodist believes that heating food destroys the enzymes that help us digest and absorb the vital vitamins and minerals they contain.
Five complimentary, full-service restaurants replace the traditional, common main dining room, while a variety of specialty restaurants will wow even the savviest foodist, including the new multi-sensory venue Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine, as well as concepts from award-winning chefs Jamie Oliver, Michael Schwartz and Devin Alexander.
Kate Wood resides in England and has been a committed raw foodist since 1993.
Many famous raw foodists don't have any qualms about eating lots of foods that are grown on the other side of our planet (one famous raw foodist calls himself the Durian King, though he lives in New York and durians are grown in Malaysia).
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A dedicated and well-informed raw foodist himself, Hatsis offers this guidance.