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Adj.1.foodless - being without food
malnourished - not being provided with adequate nourishment
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In some States the Specimens are occasionally fed and suffered to exist for several years; but in the more temperate and better regulated regions, it is found in the long run more advantageous for the educational interests of the young, to dispense with food, and to renew the Specimens every month -- which is about the average duration of the foodless existence of the Criminal class.
The survivors of the people scattered over the coun- try--leaderless, lawless, foodless, like sheep without a shep- herd--the thousands who had fled by sea, would begin to return; the pulse of life, growing stronger and stronger, would beat again in the empty streets and pour across the vacant squares.
Tonight they lay out somewhere below him, chartless, foodless, tentless, gunless - except for Hurree Babu, guideless.
Then they fled, houseless and foodless, down the valley, as their village, shredded and tossed and trampled, melted behind them.
Bert tramped through a country disorganised by pestilence, foodless, and shaken to the very base of its immemorial order.
8) Intermittent fasting: While prolonged bouts of fasting can kill your sex drive and performance, short foodless intervals can rev hormone production, according to studies.
Rupee is down, remittances come close to a trickle, the stock market crashed, exports are cut, factories are shut, the output is slashed, daily wage earners are unemployed and foodless, major plants are shut, buzzing markets and bazaars are shuttered down, and shopping is reduced to extreme essentials.
A survey by Save the Children found that 24 percent of families in India, 27 percent in Nigeria and 14 percent in Peru now have foodless days.
One of the Pharisees held out a coin in his palm, with Caesar's face staring right up at him like, well, like the ruler who built the roads and bridges and fed the foodless and led the armies and levied more taxes on the rich than the poor, and, if you didn't pay your taxes, could have you arrested--that guy Oh yeah, Caesar used taxes for welfare, too, and even the big tunics of Jesus' time felt they somehow had less because those who had nothing got to lick the pot.
With every rise in electricity tariff and gas and petroleum prices; a new wave of inflation kicks in, in the guts of the poor and leave them breathless and foodless.
Across the 'trackless plains' and in the 'darkened air', 'the foodless wilds/Pour forth their brown inhabitants':
The show was held at Jharoka Art gallery for collecting donations for the flood affectees and served as a relief campaign to help needy, helpless and foodless flood victims.