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1. Excessive or flashy ornamentation.
2. A fuss over a trifling matter.

[Probably from Spanish fanfarrón, boaster; see fanfaronade, and from French frou-frou, rustling (of imitative origin).]


rare a fuss over something trivial


(ˈfu fəˌrɔ)

1. a fuss about something very insignificant.
2. an excessive amount of decoration.
[1930–35; orig. uncertain]
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In early February, some 11 months before the 2016 Iowa caucuses, a four-day foofaraw over vaccines provided a template for the tendency of the Fourth Estate and the partisans who game it to direct coverage away from government policy and toward a falsely Manichean separation between Team Science and Team Stupid.
In a deposition Deen acknowledged using racial epithets in the past, particularly the word "nigger" - and thus erupted a great foofaraw, unabated by Deen's stumbling apologies.
There's a foofaraw over whether CPAC is becoming too tolerant toward gay Republican groups.
Face The Problem c Johannesburg - Foofaraw Sir Alex Ferguson, Cavendish InvLtd, J Hanson 11188-3 RPR 104 A useful sprinter who is BHA-rated 99.
The hope is that all the digital foofaraw that pushed 20th century-style journalism to the brink of ruin also pulls it back.
Perhaps the foofaraw in Britain seems inexplicable because we've been living with multiculturalism for 40 years and it's entrenched in our Constitution.
The early National Review endorsed neither Eisenhower nor Nixon; after some internal foofaraw about whether or not to back further-right challenger William Knowland in '56, Buckley proudly and publicly abstained from voting at all.
24,000gns, Tattersalls Oct Book 2 Axom Face The Problem Barry Hills b c Johannesburg - Foofaraw (Cherokee Run) March 20 (second foal) Pedigree analysis Brother to fair 2009 two-year-old 7f winner Thomas Baines.