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Well, it's too many for ME, that's certain; must be a mighty long hole; however, I ain't got no time to fool around here, I got to "tend to business"; I reckon it's all right--chance it, anyway.
Tom, I don't like to fool around much where there's dead people.
Only a chechaquo'd fool around that pasture long enough to fill a pan of dirt.
One minute he's disinterested and the next he wants to grope me and fool around.
35PM Insane boffins Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley put bio-ethics aside to fool around with DNA.
Ac ar ol iddo ennill Crochan Aur S4C yn Nhir Prince yn ddiweddar, bydd cefnogwyr lleol am weld Rhys Evans o Dregaron a'i geffyl Fool Around yn llwyddo eto, yn ei filltir sgwar y tro hwn.
Diane just wants to party all the time and fool around with her masseur.