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It was her turn to scorn persuasive foolery now, and she did not waste it.
And now, you look here," he added, suddenly changing his tone, "we've had about enough of this foolery.
All that's happened so far is through our not having the sense to keep quiet--worrying them with guns and such foolery.
In the height of his foolery, the patriarchal colt, which, unbroken to the saddle, was suffered to follow on at large, happened to come within his reach.
An' here, they'n gi'en you lots o' good grogram and flannel, as should ha' been gi'en by good rights to them as had the sense to keep away from such foolery.
All this continental life, all this Europe of yours, and all the trash about 'going abroad' is simply foolery, and it is mere foolery on our part to come.
No man can threaten me, even anonymously or in foolery.
If the young man comes to be a teacher here, let him understand, at once, that we don't want any foolery about the boys.
A male--even such a male as Tibby--was enough to stop the foolery.
non-stop foolery that can be divided into pranks, stunts, tricks, illusions, deceptions, and baffling feats of - for want of a better word - magic.
It seems to me that in easy laughter at yourself and your own foolery, humility is the final frontier, the open door to real wisdom, if we can shave our egos down enough to fit through the entrance.
Back then, someone commented that the whole idea that the Act was some sort of a federal power grab was pure "tinfoil hat tom foolery.