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Noun1.foot pedal - a lever that is operated with the footfoot pedal - a lever that is operated with the foot
accelerator, accelerator pedal, gas pedal, throttle, gas, gun - a pedal that controls the throttle valve; "he stepped on the gas"
bicycle, bike, cycle, wheel - a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals
brake pedal - foot pedal that moves a piston in the master brake cylinder
clutch pedal, clutch - a pedal or lever that engages or disengages a rotating shaft and a driving mechanism; "he smoothely released the clutch with one foot and stepped on the gas with the other"
lever - a rigid bar pivoted about a fulcrum
automotive vehicle, motor vehicle - a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails
pipe organ, organ - wind instrument whose sound is produced by means of pipes arranged in sets supplied with air from a bellows and controlled from a large complex musical keyboard
soft pedal - a pedal on a piano that moves the action closer to the strings and so soften the sound
loud pedal, sustaining pedal - a pedal on a piano that lifts the dampers from the strings and so allows them to continue vibrating
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Many options available to match the Work Positioner to the task at hand including accordion skirting, oversized platforms, platforms with beveled edges, pit mounted units, portability packages, detent stops, PLC control, foot pedal control, fork pockets, external power modules, and more.
Tenders are invited for Purchase and Deliver Three (3) Portable AC/DC TIG Welders with Wireless Foot Pedal, F.
Also, The Strap easily and securely attaches to the bottom of any foot pedal thus ensuring it is never forgotten.
It is ideal for the straightforward and backward travel common in trenching applications, as it provides a single foot pedal in the right-front corner of the cab floor that operates both tracks.
Something that the LO doesn't mention and should are the Four lube points under the Foot pedal plate.
Mathern says contractors should pay attention to whether controls are operated by joystick or foot pedal.
At present patients have to ask a nurse to move the position of the bed using a foot pedal.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS: The cart is designed to make it easy for operators to reach into tall containers by lowering the pivot point and tipping the container by as much as 60[degrees] toward the operator, controlled by a foot pedal.
For hands-free operation, an optional foot pedal is available.
The surgeon activates bipolar energy using a foot pedal, and energy flows along the edge of each blade, coagulating tissue before it is cut.
It has a 100-foot cord with foot pedal release, fact cycle time, heavy-duty clutch, frame, mainspring and cocking motor with gearbox.
The action of turning to the next page can then be carried out by the musician touching the screen or pressing a wireless foot pedal or switch.