adj.1.having no commitments or restrictions.
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Dag Daughtry, who had kept always foot-loose and never married, surveyed the boat-load of his responsibilities to which he was anchored--Kwaque, the Black Papuan monstrosity whom he had saved from the bellies of his fellows; Ah Moy, the little old sea-cook whose age was problematical only by decades; the Ancient Mariner, the dignified, the beloved, and the respected; gangly Big John, the youthful Scandinavian with the inches of a giant and the mind of a child; Killeny Boy, the wonder of dogs; Scraps, the outrageously silly and fat-rolling puppy; Cocky, the white- feathered mite of life, imperious as a steel-blade and wheedlingly seductive as a charming child; and even the forecastle cat, the lithe and tawny slayer of rats, sheltering between the legs of Ah Moy.
Backed by a dynamic musical score mixing contemporary hit songs with chart-topping classics like "Let's Hear It for the Boy" and "Almost Paradise," Ren must win over the town--and the audience--and teach everyone to "cut foot-loose.
The foot-loose dance organized by Ganesh and team was excellent and was very much appreciated.
Mechanics, going top-side on your Black Hawk for maintenance or inspections is no time to be foot-loose or fancy-free.
Emerging economies around the world are worried that the billions in new money from the Federal Reserve will stoke speculative flows of foot-loose "hot money", and some are resorting to capital controls in a bid to stem the tide.
And career-wise, Denise is going to be foot-loose and fancy-free when she quits Waterloo Road after playing French teacher Steph for five series and winning best actress award.
Mike Lowry is a foot-loose and fancy free ladies' man.
Initially, it was economic opportunity that attracted foot-loose adventurers to countries throughout the region.
You can have a spell-binding influence - if you are foot-loose and fancy free.
We're seeing the private sector jump into what was previously seen as a pretty foot-loose industry,'' said Mitchell, who promised an announcement of a major project in April.
Lost in the big, bad world, Lady finds herself a ragged Sir Galahad in Tramp, a foot-loose mongrel.