football field

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: field - the playing field on which football is playedfootball field - the playing field on which football is played
football stadium - a stadium where football games are held
athletic field, playing area, playing field, field - a piece of land prepared for playing a game; "the home crowd cheered when Princeton took the field"
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Hand-clapping and roars of laughter from the hunters greeted the exploit, while Mugridge, eluding half of his pursuers at the foremast, ran aft and through the remainder like a runner on the football field.
Marking the seventh year of the unique CSR initiative, the bank is set to support the development of 15 football fields across the Sultanate in 2018.
H E Sheikh Muhanna Saif al Lamki, Governor of North Batinah, will preside at the ceremony on Friday January 12 and present the 40th Green Sports football field to Al Arabi Sports Team in Suwaiq in North Batinah governorate.
The grass football field was replaced with synthetic turf for safer play, and new stadium lighting and sound systems will enhance the game-night experience.
On a different front, in Dayala province, police said an improvised bomb exploded in a football field at Al-Daworeen area in Baqouba, killing five and injuring eight others.
Turn to page two to read all about the school's successful campaign on the football field.
Officers are carrying out investigations and are urging witnesses or anyone who was in the football field around the time of the incident, to come forward.
One project describes how to build a simple astrolabe for finding latitude, and another explains how to lay out a scale-model solar system on a football field.
Because the men were so large and powerful, Mahler ditched the barre ("They would have ripped it out of the wall," she jokes) in favor of center exercises, and held the class on a football field, where an athlete's large frame would not send him crashing into the wall.
But the wide receiver's growth didn't just occur on the football field.
The bank recently presented the 41st Green Sports football field developed as part of the Green Sports initiative to Muqnayat Sports Team in the wilayat of Ibri in Dhahirah governorate.
Contract notice: Reconstruction of the bazala football field

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