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 (fo͝ot′băth′, -bäth′)
1. A small container, such as a basin or shallow pool, for washing or disinfecting the feet.
2. The act of bathing or soaking one's feet in a basin or shallow pool.


1. the act or an instance of washing the feet
2. a small shallow receptacle or area for washing the feet


(ˈfʊtˌbæθ, -ˌbɑθ)

n., pl. -baths (-ˌbæðz, -ˌbɑðz, -ˌbæθs, -ˌbɑθs)
a bath for disinfecting the feet, as in a shower room or at the entrance to a swimming pool.
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Noun1.footbath - a small bathtub for warming or washing or disinfecting the feet
bathing tub, bathtub, tub, bath - a relatively large open container that you fill with water and use to wash the body
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Unifresh Footbath concentrate is a grooming aid that helps clean and disinfect the hooves of dairy cows.
During the conference call, Company management intends to provide shareholders with updates on their progress with poultry processing, Unifresh(TM) Pen Spray, Unifresh(TM) Footbath, Close Call(TM), and other products in the development process.
Company management intends to advance the marketing of its Unifresh(TM) Footbath, complete the tests of its Unifresh(TM) Pen Spray and commence the product's commercialization, continue the testing of its poultry processing products seeking United States Department of Agriculture approval, advance the commercialization of its technology for use in seafood processing, further develop the distribution of its Close Call(TM) product (subject to its plans to seek to license and/or sell the brand or derivative applications), and forward its initiatives for use of the pHarlo technology in several international markets.
The Company currently markets: Close Call(TM), an oral hygiene breath drink, Unifresh(R) Footbath, a grooming aid product for dairy cows and Pacific Blue(TM) Seafood Wash.
SWOOLISH GARAGE'S VESPAQUA AND FOOTBATH TERRACE: ENJOY a trip around the site in one of the festival's bathtubs full of nice (hot) water - a selection of vintage bathing suits, a changing cabin and fresh towels will be on hand too.
Steve and Liz Ford, of Winterton Farm, Marloes, have invested in an automatic footbath which continuously replenished and filters the solution ensuring each ewe has the same concentration as sheep pass through the bath.
You guessed it - a comforting footbath that soothes the nerves and washes away the blues of an otherwise tedious day.
The treatment started with a warm footbath and scrub massage as Jennifer talked me through the Parisian back therapy.
All spa treatments (except hand, foot and hair treatments) have an additional 30-minute Calm Time, which comprises a welcome footbath and post-treatment refreshments and relaxation.
Commencing with a blissful scented footbath during which your skin and skincare routine is discussed, then your feet, legs, head, arms and hands are massaged.
Begin your journey in the serene relaxation lounge, followed by an exhilarating footbath ritual at the Armani/SPA, which assures an unwinding experience that puts your mind, body and spirit at ease and in harmony.